I feel we have a duty as young women (no matter our age) to put out into the world what we wish to see in it.

Oftentimes, we’re waiting for someone else to do this or that, but in fact, it is our responsibility to advocate for ourselves and those around us. And by doing this, the change you only hoped to see one day, will manifest itself – through you.

“Give to the world what you want to receive from the world because that is what you will receive.”

Spiritual teacher Gary Zukav once said, “Give to the world what you want to receive from the world because that is what you will receive.” Too often we tether between being too hard on ourselves and cutting too much slack. Like driving a car, we must know when to brake and when to give it a bit more throttle.

How many times have you thought of an idea for a business, got so excited about it – only to stumble upon during your research phase that many forms of that business already exist, or, just as you get into it, another entrepreneur pops up offering a similar concept. And suddenly, you’re done – dead – defeated.

Is that all it takes to stop you?

You must know that a dream doesn’t appear to you for no reason. Over time you’ve been picking up little cues, little moments, leading you to ‘the spark’ – that little internal knowing guiding you along a path to what’s truest for you.

There could be a hundred products or services similar to yours being offered, but one thing is absolutely true:

Not a single one of them, are you.

Everyone has a right to dream and make their dream come true. We’re not all fighting for the same piece of bread Chantell, franticly scared that it’ll run out.

A mentality of scarcity blocks us from evolving, from producing, from dreaming aloud, from being supportive. And just think, how bad would it really be if we rooted for the other person doing what we see ourselves doing? Is that taking away from your genius? From your magic? No way!

What if…

by genuinely rallying behind their success, adding your unique mastermind and perspective, and being open to learning and improving, you change the game?!

“I can’t because…” or “Someone else is doing it already” or “There’s no room for me.”

The narrative is no longer, “I can’t because…” or “Someone else is doing it already” or “There’s no room for me.” By shifting the story in your mind and expanding on possibility, you make room for innovation to shine – for a more open you to blossom.

You’ll gain so much more than you thought you would lose. Helping others win, makes you by default, a winner.

So, don’t give up on your dream. Shift and shuffle it around a bit if you must, but never, dismiss it. If your heart calls for it time and time again, you must answer.

All it takes is one step. One brave thing leading to another brave thing. Write that post, read that book, take that class, connect with that person, call that contact, ask that question.

Crazy thing… the satisfaction of taking one step, makes you want to take another.

  1. If you had a guarantee that you would be successful, what idea or business would you start immediately?

  2. Use 3 words to describe the person you are today versus the person you were 5 years ago? Begin with: “I am (more) …”

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♡ Much, much love.

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