Prioritize your energy by adopting this one technique

Whose feeling overworked and overwhelmed?

Energy is at an all-time premium. Yet, we don’t always nurture it with the respect it deserves. We talk so much about energy and its importance but,

What are we doing to safeguard our own energy?

Whether you’ve been going non-stop and it’s finally caught up to you or you’ve been steadily at the end of your rope, my friend, you’re probably headed for a crash. Suddenly, your broken down, fed up, or sick and tired. And in that state, you don’t feel like much. Your contributions, often daily, don’t feel as rewarding as it perhaps once did. Understandably so – you’ve hit a brick wall. You give and give and have nothing left in the tank.

So, what do you do about it?

Tucking yourself away and praying for a miracle to pull yourself out of the funk is an option, but not a solution. At best, it’s a band aid. It doesn’t solve the real problem. Your work and the responsibilities that accompany it will remain.

At any given time in our lives, we will have plenty on or plate or a little less. Why would we think it would be any different?

Why isn’t the fantasy not adding up with our reality?

One explanation could be that the glamour of magazines or social media perpetuates an idea that at some point in our lives, we’ll arrive at a balanced state of nirvana. A sweet spot of living that gels just right. A time, for a generous amount of time, where problems cascade off our back, getting eight plus hours of uninterrupted sleep is the norm, and worries don’t plague us. It’s very much one big marketing scheme. Offering you some form of remedy to offset your feeling of lack. Yet, there is truth in it…

The nirvana part is possible. I’m not even going to lie. And the amount of time you spend in this state is mainly, if not entirely, up to you. This is not to make you feel any worse than you might already feel. Rather, it’s to help you understand that a lot of what we learn can be unlearned. That, we are the creators and designers of our reality.

That is not to say that things and events out of our scope of control cannot severely interrupt our peace and throw us off. In fact, this is what repeatedly happens to most of us. Causing great upset and disappointment, which ultimately leads to emotionally charged, negative and obsessive energy.

What’s the technique to preserving our precious energy?

Saying NO. Hell, no! in some cases. Yes, dear. The secret is in saying, no. Simple, isn’t it?

Well, for some the art of NO is much harder to apply. In a day, there are a thousand things you could but don’t need to say yes to. By saying no every so often, you let people know that you’re choosing yourself. With no, we introduce a boundary which respectfully lets us and others understand that we need a moment – for however long.

The art of NO is beautiful.

How do we implement this into our daily routine?

Daily, we are distracted by a host of things. Ringing phones, loud noises, ads, hostile energies, eerily frustrating email correspondences, devastating atrocities, and one problem after another. You begin to choose yourself when you decline a phone call or two, stop of one glass of wine instead of at two, and decline a meeting or reschedule it for a more suitable time.

In the little moments we say no, we grow in confidence and at the same time, we grow within ourselves. That’s where change happens. It’s in the little moments, the daily routines and how we choose to disrupt it or stay the course.

Our need for “good energy,” peace, and harmony is what we long for. It's why we can’t wait for some alone time in the sauna, a quick run, warm bath, or yoga session. We crave getting back to our restful center. A place where we readjust and realign. It’s no wonder why we plan vacations months in advance and are willing to pay just about anything that promises to bring us to a happy place.

No is such good energy if channeled correctly. It’s quite satisfying and exhilarating. Try it.

  1. What do you say most say NO to?

  2. What feeling(s) do you experience when you tell others NO?


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