[Crying] Marie Forleo’s airport dash to Spain and her sausage-stuffed luggage story has done something to me.

I just woke up from a brief mid-day nap and wanted to get some Marie time in. My brain has been steadily focused on growth and opportunity like a fat kid’s on cake.

For just over a week or so now, I’ve been listening to her narrate her latest book, ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ on Audible.

Like many times before, I find myself wanting to hang onto her every word and often sacrifice any bit of free time I have just to listen in – even if for the 20 min car ride to work. But today, I found myself surprisingly overcome by emotion when listening to a section in her book.

As I’m listening to her story of her desperate attempt to save her relationship with the love of her life, Josh, by figuring out (as a team nonetheless) a way to still board their flight to Spain, I realized how much she lives in the land of figureoutable.

“I knew she’s no fraud!," I said to myself proudly.

She’s human, just like me and she’s dealt with and continues to deal with the curve balls of life just like all of us do. She’s just got a tenacity for piecing all the little and big things together, shining some perspective on it and delivering it back to you in mega-sized truth bombs.

She employs her figureoutable mantra and despite a web of uncertainty, plows ahead. It's admirable, invigorating and downright refreshing to know that if I keep going just a little farther, keep working just a little harder, keep getting just a little wiser because I want something that badly, that eventually I too can get to my destination or at least have one heck of a journey.

And can I say, “teamwork makes the dream work!” I mean, how emboldening to know that someone has your back. The mutual willingness to “make it” was so inspiring.

She didn’t need to figure it out all on her own. Josh had her back. An idea to change up the strategy was sparked and it changed the game.

Even if the result is not what you hope or want, at least you tried – you really tried. And at the very least, you learned something. I learned of my unwavering desire to go after what I want. I learned that I care deeply about people and creating space and opportunity for other women like me, to shine.

She is the kind of hero we need right now. The champion we’ve never met, rooting for us to leave our unique mark on the world. The one urging us not to continue wasting our talents.

One tear after another, it became abundantly clear to me, this path, the one where I give it all I got to make my dreams come true, is the one I need to be on; the one I invest in, get laser-focused on. No matter how many times I stumble, get pushed back, or knocked down.

Even if you’re running and crying – keep going. Don’t stop until you’ve exhausted all options you can think of. Just keep going. Don’t look back.

  • Have you read the book?

  • If so, in what ways has it transformed your life? Big way, small way, any way?

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this book. What or even if it’s done anything for your life. In what areas of the challenges that you’re facing right now, can this book help transform you? How does it make you feel? Oh so many questions…so do share.

Don’t do it for me, but the countless of women out there who also need this in their life and don’t know it yet.

♡ Much, much love.

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