There is a lot of reassessing going on. Just about everyone and their boss are reevaluating their lives. For a long time, we’ve been up to our eyeballs trying to attain a standard of living that simply isn’t meant for everyone.

Going with the flow of things often looked like hustling to make ends meet and then barely catching a breath to really do the things we actually want to be doing.

Are we really wanting more of this?

Looking to social media or celebrities for the blueprint on success and the illusion of a happy life? Are we good with 4-hour commutes to work and unsafe working environments? We're asking questions like these and more - in spades.

The pandemic has pried the door of vision wide open. We're questioning everything and looking for answers. An earthquake of epic proportions has shaken us to our core and we can no longer unsee or ignore the alarms sounding. It’s clear that something has to change.

Our collective dreams are alive. Through slowing down and getting a little lost, we’re at an impasse for the opportunity of a massive reset. Everything is flipped. What was once difficult or near impossible is suddenly more accessible. Venturing into the unknown in search of something; something different, something better.

What we want out of this life is grand and simple. The raw and real emotions we’ve experienced can no longer cage our deepest desires. We yearn for freedom, to be seen, and heard. To love out loud and receive love. Taste is sweeter, touch more tender, and love more precious.

The fear is still there, but we’re breaking barriers and moving past impediments, mainly of our own creation, that have held us back for far too long.

As a result of this great shift, the value placed on time, love, and connection is immense. With so much happening in an instant, we’ve had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and uncertain.

Who's thinking about 5 and 10 years down the line when your concern is about feeding your family today?

Businesses closed their doors, jobs were lost, and freedom stricken at a moment’s notice. Events have caused many of us to reassess our position in our careers and relationships. No longer was your employer dependable and at times even, ethical. Many of us experienced the expendable nature of our positions in these spaces.

Suddenly, another event emerges. We’re not wanting to go back to our old jobs. Opting to instead start our own business, adopt a new skill, look after our families, or make a complete shift in career altogether. The desire for more flexibility in our daily lives has skyrocketed.

So, it’s not surprising then that we’d assume a more pragmatic approach moving forward.

No longer focused on 5- and 10-year plans. We’re living for right now. For the good of what is and not what will or could be.

How long will this collective awareness and great desire for change last? Only time will reveal.

Our work is on focusing on here and now. On being appreciative for the bounty of every day. The laughter, the joy, the twinkle of an eye, and the wrinkle of a smile. There is no dollar amount that can replace that.

  1. In what way are you loving more?

  2. Does a 5-year plan benefit you or do you adopt another approach to designing the map to your goals?


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♡ Much, much love.


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