Plateaus – inconvenient little circumstances that show up when you’ve in your own right hit a peak and start to taper off.

Maybe you got too comfortable and lost your hunger. No gusto left in the tank for what you once felt so passionately about. Now, you’re at your wit's end and feel lost.

At this point, you’ve set your sights on another dream that lights a real fire in your belly. But you’re worried to give up what you’ve already built for something you’re not sure will work out. The whole grass is greener thing.

Your worry may be fueled by what others might think of you for making this. Perhaps your worry is financial; you’re simply not confident you have enough money saved up before you leap.

Whatever the case may be, it leaves you feeling very uneasy. But the slump has hit and something’s gotta give…

So, what do you do? How do you figure out what’s next for you without blowing everything you’ve worked so hard for up until this point? Do you stay and keep dying a little inside?

I can already tell you, the latter is not a viable option.

Deep down, we want a full, joyous, and purposeful life. The trick is getting from where you don’t want to be to where you do. How do we do that? How do we figure it out?

For starters, don’t add more negative energy to your dilemma. Feeding negative Nelly won’t get you any closer to a solution (unless that's your own unique process...)


Schedule time with yourself to understand the internal tug-of-war going on. If necessary, consult with a personal development coach or another supportive professional that can help you find clarity by guiding your thoughts to solutions.

Fuel your present by feeding your mind with thoughts of already having accomplished that which you wish to accomplish. Envision living the life you want clearly, as though you’re already living it is incredibly powerful.

Take action. Clearly develop your WHY and the best possible route for accomplishing your move.

Talk it out. Talk to someone you can trust. Not the online firing squad. Someone who can empathize with you, listens actively, and offers a way for your path to clear so you can get back to being clear and present.

Your plateau is pointing you to something bigger. There is an imbalance and it’s up to you to clear out the junk in your head and unpack the truth.

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1. Is there something that you feel called to act on but hesitant to?

2. Would you adopt any or all of these strategies should you find yourself in this predicament?

♡ Much, much love.

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