Get your binoculars ready. It’s time to take a closer look at what’s eating at you. Any one of these 6 assessments will take you on a deep dive into you and what it is you truly want.

Where’d your “Yes, yes, yes” excitement go?

You were fired up, had energy darts shooting out your eyeballs, put in several hours a day and nights in secret because you know you were the only one who could bring your vision to life. “This could change everything!” you thought.

And it did. Just not in the ways you envisioned.

All of a sudden, getting up in the morning to get to work isn’t a thrill. The pace has slowed or stopped altogether, you second-guess yourself and things just don’t feel the same.

This is completely normal! Why? Because success in business is not a direct and clean journey. It’s rugged, very messy, twisty, bendy, and achy.

It’s like that for a reason. It’s not meant to be easy. If it were, everyone would have massive success.

Be honest with yourself You never know what you’ll uncover given the time and space to process your thoughts and feelings. However, ignoring the issue, my friend, isn’t going to get you much further. In fact, it’ll only magnify things to where it starts poisoning other parts of your life. Take out your pen and paper and get to writing out your thoughts.

Revisit your WHY Why did you start this business? Was it to be your own boss? Provide for your family? Help someone else get back on their feet? Or perhaps to make a lot of money? Something’s shifted within you now and understanding your WHY will shed light on whether or not what you’ve stated as your WHY really is what your true intentions are. Transparency is the name of this game.

Reach out to trusted customers, loved ones, or employees People in your immediate environment are a great source of feedback. They might not know exactly what is going on in your mind, but they too have feelings. Feelings that shape their experiences with you and serve as valuable testimonials. Understanding their perspective might help you understand the impact your energy and actions are having.

Gain more perspective Tune into a TED Talk, Super Soul Sunday, webinar, or content that speaks to your specific dilemma. Having someone else articulate your thoughts in a way you could not have achieved on your own, will bring you closer to understanding where you are in your journey. Chances are, you’re not the only one going through what you’re experiencing right now in your business.

Write it out How many times must I say it?! Write! Nothing beats a good soul search taken to pen and paper. Some of your most honest, vulnerable, and withheld emotions come to light when you write. Scribble words until you work your way up to complete sentences. The point is to declare buried emotions, feelings, or anxieties you didn't know you had.

What do you love about it? How has it changed your life? What do you wish were different and why? What are you neglecting? Is there something you can work on right now to improve it? Will you commit or quit? If you’re a pro and cons list fanatic like I am, start there and then expand on that.

Trust your gut Don’t continue ignoring your inner voice. More than a voice, your gut is your compass. It shows you in a myriad of little and big ways in your embracing or resisting of change. Different from the misleading, loud, and sabotaging voice in your head, your gut is the most real, most down-to-earth companion you have.

1. What is the biggest problem you’re facing with your business right now?

2. Is this content helpful or useful to you in some way?

3. What have you been doing to turn things around for yourself? Have you rediscovered your passion for your business or perhaps for something else…?

♡ Much, much love.

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