I’m very blessed to have had someone in my life that not only wanted better for me, but showed up by putting action behind their words. It was and still is truly wonderful and inspiring. I felt all kinds of support that makes me think, “I’m so glad we did that!”

Sometime ago when my partner and I played tennis for the first time together, I told him how I like switching up my workouts. It keeps things interesting and exciting for me. Makes working out not feel so much like work. He agreed and threw out some suggestions of things we could do together going forward.

50% if me knew that there was a possibility that he’d follow through or at least follow up, but that old voice in my head started again.

So, when he mentioned that we could go walking near the beach, I was both happy and hesitant. My mind started making up familiar excuses, “The sun is still out, I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m feeling pretty tired, it’s best I stay in and rest, when I get a better night’s sleep tonight or I’ll work out first thing in the morning.” All seemingly “reasonable” excuses I could latch onto.

But a moment of clarity propelled me to bring my perspective back into alignment. I actually want to improve my health and feel strong in my body. In fact, I’ve been consistently making strides to make this a habit. I put out my desire into the universe and here was the universe responding with this person and this opportunity to help me along my path.

My gut said yes, but my ego wasn’t having it. It resisted all it could.

Fortunately, I came to my senses and realized how the universe always has my back.

I said “Yes!” and upped the ante. I asked my partner if we could play tennis again before the sunset. We had so much fun the last time, why not do it again.

Sure, I lost the game that time, but we still had fun and that’s what I want. In fact, I not only was excited to go play, I also wanted to compete. I wanted a rematch – to see what I got. A chance to feel my body run and bend. My lunges to fill with fresh air and contract with confidence. A chance to ease my mind and add a little finesse and control to my often excitable and powerful arm.

I won the match. But more importantly, we had fun! ♥

I got to spend quality time with my sweety and got my workout in; all while the sun set behind us. More of this please universe!

In that moment, I understood first-hand what I had come to know about the law of attraction. When you’re out of alignment you miss or don’t even notice the opportunities lined up in front of you. Opportunities that are aligned with how you feel.

The work that I had been putting in and feeling good about was saying yes. But old habitual patterns had me resistant on an outer level. Once I noticed what it was, the jig was up. I leaned into good feeling emotions and trusted that they would guide me.

Gabrielle Bernstein dubs this yellow brick road of sorts to feeling good as the Choose Again Method in her book, Super Attractor. Reach for better feeling emotions as you guide yourself up towards feeling good. For ultimately, feeling good is good for you.

Recognize the resistance, forgive yourself for having the thought or emotion, and then choose again. The universe picked up on the positive vibrations I’d been emitting and delivered the support I needed to fulfill my desire. An amazing thing to both witness and tune into.

Certainly not the only one to have experienced this vibration of awareness...

  • Do you have a story of wanting to back out of something (an event, presentation, karaoke, etc.) but turned out to be glad you didn’t?

  • Got big regrets because you said no out of fear?

♡ Much, much love.

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