On average, I publish a blog piece once a month. Why? For starters, as decent of a writer as I am, there’s a lot of me that goes into every single post.

Muscling up precious brainpower is no small feat. The process stumps even the most experienced writers.

Topic selection, copy testing, and editing are all crazy time-consuming. Not to mention actually physically planting my but in a chair for 3 hours – to write, edit, and then edit some more. All the while trying to stay on topic and not float off too far.

Lately, I’ve been dragging. It feels like I’m lugging around excess weight; both emotionally and physically. Despite all that, I’ve been present enough to actualize genuine moments of clarity, calm, and due processing. But there’s a part of my brain that simply wants to battle and dismantle my good vibes – self-sabotage.

I find myself focussed way too much on future stuff or on everything that’s not going right.

To boot, my body reflects the side that is winning. It doesn’t feel very good at all, which as a result only continues feeding the saboteuring wildebeest.

What do I have left then? When energy is in the dumps, body weight climbs, creative happenings are at a standstill, and things feel like shit?!

Back to square one? Okay. What then?

I’m no mad scientist, but my best guess is to move on. Movement in any direction will teach you, lead you, and help make the picture much clearer.

I can only speak from my perspective. After all, it is a blog. Run by 1 woman. An awesome, yet sole, black woman, living on a tiny island.

I’m a fan of taking breaks – a pause, a time-out. Hell, it would make me no prouder than to earn a living and live a life not doing much but having a great impact.

Does that life exist? Sure, it does. But it requires effort, ingenuity, discipline, and a little bit of luck, I think. The turning point, however, starts with you. Cheesy, I know; but true.

So often, we want to be liked, accepted, and acknowledged. We ask, plea, or sadly, even beg for it. But it doesn’t work.

What if the only person that needs to like who you are, what you do, and how you do it, really is just YOU?

Just think about that. What does this make you feel? Is your stomach in knots? Did you get butterflies as I did?

The link between who you are and operating at a level that is authentic to who you are today is everything. Ask yourself, what if my life and environment were designed to help me operate at my very best?

When you start to realize that it’s possible, however faint, something starts to happen. The energy comes, your heart rate changes, the neurons spike, and you feel awake again.

“When you start thinking in terms of what is possible, that which is possible will appear.”

This in turn will have a positive ripple effect on your overall outlook and output. However temporary this wave, ride it!

You’ve definitely had these moments before. Of course, you’re a FEMMEPRENEUR! You know what I’m talking about.

Be nicer to yourself. Talk respectfully about the woman in the mirror. You’re no fraud. You’re the real deal.

We might not be at our best right now. But, rest assured, when we want something badly or can no longer accept continuing the ick of our current circumstance, we find a way.

1. Do you share this point of view? Have another?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

♡ Much, much love.

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