Something peculiar tends to happen when I’ve given myself a chance to rest. Even more interesting is my ability to notice these moments just as they occur. Perhaps this might sound like rubbish but bear with me.

Recently, I woke up from yet another mid-day nap (yeah, I get to have those and I love ’em). In an instant, I was hit with what can only be described as a “light bulb” or “aha” moment.

Distinctly, I realized, that in some way, should I marry, that I want the sound of an amazing choir echoing through a church or venue. Over and over the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s, ‘Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child’ filled our hearts.

I wasn’t even aware that it was her song to begin with until I pieced it together... Super trippy.

My eyes were still shut and I was no longer asleep, but cozy enough to still be fully relaxed. It felt amazing to be adorned and uplifted by the type of anointing typical to some Christian church proceedings.

White concrete walls, dark wooden trimming and open windows letting in a crisp and powerful breeze. A space for love.

“Forget whether or not my fiancé will be down for it or not, this is happening!”

It was like as if someone was telling the truth – and you just know that it’s not a lie. All you have as proof is the feeling in your gut and every fiber of your being saying, “trust this.”

So, why did this burst of inspiration come to me and what exactly was I supposed to do with it? What to do!?! I wrote it down!

It really got me thinking. But, more than that, I just wanted to keep feeling this good. We don’t want these surges of aha to be forgotten. We need these visions to help shed light on some little shift within us.

Act, you silly girl! Write it down – to the very last detail in fact. What this does is brings your truth back into the light. No longer a subconscious and intangible fleeting thought, it’s now center stage.

How does it make you feel? If good, great! Keep forwarding that feeling. Push it even further by sustaining the good feeling. Do whatever you can to make it feel real and let the good vibes ride. Let others in on your joy without requiring a reaction from them.

So, I jumped on my computer, plugged in my speakers, went to YouTube and filled my home office (and my entire house) with the intrepid sounds of gospel music.

In an instant, the love I envisioned while barely asleep grew stronger and manifested itself. Singing and clapping along, I opened a Word document and got to writing this post.

My joy comes from igniting a spark in some one soul. Trust good vibes and build on them however you can. Feeling humorous? Spread laughter. Feeling motivated? Encourage someone else to reach for a higher positive emotion.

You are capable of so much.

  • So, how do you spread the love ?

My love, Nova, who also happens to be a four-legged friend has been the cause of extra good feeling emotions since she entered our lives. Love that little handful to bits.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Be good y’all.

♡ Much, much love.

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