At the end of a long workday, running errands and working on one of my passion projects, I found myself extremely taxed. As the shower ran over my back, I started to question just how much I actually accomplished.

Having had put in all those hours on and off the road, checking off my to-do list, was I really any closer to accomplishing my entrepreneurial goals?

Like elastics, humans can stretch. We expand, and expand, and expand. It’s part of what makes us a versatile and magnificent species. However, like elastic, we snap!

That’s why shaping what progress looks like to you helps tremendously in your ability to take charge of your productivity. Use benchmarks along the way as a compass to map the trajectory to success you want to follow. And never forget your ‘WHY!’

Other things include:

Accept imperfections

Trust me, nothing will ever be PERFECT. Striving for it will only cause you a world of misery, frustration, and exhaustion.

“If it’s good, it’s gold. Reaching for perfection will kill even the best laid plans.”

Celebrate small and big victories

The little things matter just as much as the big ones. Completing an item you’ve set out to accomplish in a specified timeframe deserves a little victory dance at the very least.

Take stock of what’s not working

What methods or habits are you practicing that can be improved on or dismissed altogether?

Prioritize your To-Do-List (and update whenever necessary)

What would make you so happy at the end of the day or week to have had accomplished? Ask yourself. Tap into your genuine feelings about a particular project or goal and sus out 3 things you need to and realistically can get done if you zoomed in with massive focus and discipline.

Group errands

Smaller yet essential items such as going grocery shopping, tidying up your place, calling your mom, and walking your dog are also important. Whenever and wherever possible, group errands by convenience to quickly and easily scratch them off your list.

Remind yourself of your amazingness

I know it. Your friends know it. Do you?

Write down a few sentences on paper on what makes you uniquely you. Try these guidelines: “I’m a boss babe, because…” “If I could award myself the title of coolness queen, it’d be because…” “My [best friend, partner, sister or bestie] admire me for…”

Get restful sleep

Sure, 8 hours would be great; ideal in fact. But here, quality edges out quantity. A rested body + MIND are vital.

Ask for help

This one is for all us DIY-ers. We think we’re so slick with our I-can-do-that-myself attitude. Yes, you can. But it doesn’t mean you should.

If you have the option and resources to ask for help by outsourcing, for example, do it. Stop wasting your time trying to “figure it out” because you want to save a dollar or be in control every step of the way.

So, what do you think of these pointers?

  1. Which items do you think will most help in getting you closer to accomplishing your goals?

  2. Energy drainers. What day-to-day activities do you spend the most time on? (sending and replying to emails, sleeping, watching TV, playing computer games, hanging out at Starbucks, team meetings?)

Your time is precious. The phrase “Spend it wisely” definitely applies. It’s more than okay to stop, adjust, and get back on track.

♡ Much, much love.

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