If a business isn’t working out as you hoped, taking time to sharpen your tools is possibly a more effective approach to help shake you out of your rut.

You’re working relentlessly – I have no doubt. But what if taking a beat, a real step back hands-off approach, that you are able to realize that you don’t need to make major changes to make a major change?

What do I mean by this?

We often get so influenced and consequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of options we have. And oftentimes these options seem to require of us, some sort of financial, physical, or time investment we barely have. So, at some point, we’re pushing that boulder up the hill again – whilst its weight only increases.

But what if we took some time to sit with our ill feelings and not continue to put so much extra hard work into a method that is already tiring us?

Why is shifting our approach so difficult?

Because we’re creatures of habit. The unfamiliar, new, however, small the shift, is usually a foreign idea we immediately reject. But just think, we shift, contour, and adapt to situations all the time!

Certainly, we can see the value in this if it would truly help us work a little smarter and less strenuously.

Why not take this same tool-sharpening approach to any ordeal you’ve been hacking away at but barely made any progress on?

Your brain, the ultimate saboteur, is quick to say something like, “I’m too busy to try a new approach,” “I don’t have the time to take something else on,” “Maybe tomorrow,” or “I’ve invested so much into this already and to quit this approach now would be a huge setback.”

Would it really be that much of a setback? Or is that the trickeries of your little saboteur again?

The fact of the matter, this approach you’ve dedicated to isn’t producing the results you want or not at a pace that really satisfies you. So, what do you have to lose by switching up your approach?

Stephen R. Covey puts it so eloquently in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

People are often too busy sawing that they don’t take the time to sharpen the saw.

Why continue working with a dull blade that’s eating up your energy, vigor, and precious time. Your efforts could be best spent doing other things that really help push the business forward.

Don’t you want to get back to that? Isn’t that more exciting?

No one else can do it for you. Recognizing the importance of sharpening the saw is the first step. We need to get fit in developing this habit.

What would sharpening the saw look like for you? Is it perhaps re-educating yourself on a particular topic? Introducing regular workout sessions into your daily routine? Taking up meditation? Asking for advice or seeking professional help?

Taking the time to really examine your approach will have a greater impact on you than simply continuing to hack away at what you (think you) know, are doing, or are comfortable doing.

I really want to know…

  1. What is something you’re doing tirelessly but are barely making progress on?

  2. If you took a step back, what could you do differently to achieve the result you want? What could you do right now to sharpen the saw?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or on our IG page.

♡ Much, much love.

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