What if you could change your life right now? Yes, this very minute. And, what if exacting that change doesn’t require you to buy anything new? Only, that you use what you already have? Sounds pretty sweet, right?

In fact, right this second, someone around the world is changing their life. They are making a very intentional and conscious choice to redirect their path. We are all bound for greatness. And the desire to “check ourselves” is alive and on fire.

We’ve been given a unique opportunity to adjust and reset; to listen and observe. To dive deeper and unpack layers we never knew existed. It’s as though through breaking we allowed the light to shine through the cracks. Giving permission for nature too to show up in a big way.

Perhaps you too have found yourself at some point deep in thought. Unable to let go of a voice that urged you to open your eyes and heart. A whisper or gentle breeze rushing in that made you pause. There is something there…

Exploring what this could possibly be is our job. What is the meaning of this thought or feeling you can’t shake? Are you in alignment to receive the full truth of the message? Our job is to be present. It’s to allow ourselves the time, space, and grace to open up to the universe. To show up, listen, feel, and act.

It’s like breathing. It seems to happen automatically. And yet, behind the scenes, it’s a marvelous and miraculous system of letting in and letting go - many mechanisms working in harmony.

Don’t get it twisted, our purpose isn’t this one grand thing. One act of epic proportions everyone has to bear witness to in order for it to have meaning and impact. It’s also not saving someone else by being a role model or hero. The great purpose in life is what we make it to be.

There’s no explicit need to make it your mission to rid the world of all evil or cure a debilitating disease. Our higher purpose is the one we give ourselves. We determine what benefits from our time and energy. And if you choose passion, discipline, and rigorous focus to rid the world of evils or cure debilitating diseases, then that’s wonderful. And the path you choose to walk in order to get there is all yours and no one can stand in judgment of it – including you.

What’s getting in your way?

Surely, we all have legitimate reasons for straying from our path. Perhaps you’ve forged a new one. Or perhaps, you needed to take a detour. Either way, the common denominator here is you. In most cases, you, are what’s getting in your own way – and you probably already know this.

All signs point to you. It’s not for nothing we keep coming back to the work we do on ourselves. It’s because we are our greatest goal, project, obstacle. We are the Everest.

By no means are we to treat ourselves like a constant problem. But rather a masterpiece in eternal development. We will never achieve the pinnacle, yet must find joy and appreciation in the process of becoming; of evolving.

Comparing our lives makes us sad and angry. Worry and fear shrink us. Closing the light off after loss stifles us. Choosing what’s comfortable and “safe” imprisons us in a system, in a body, in life, or on a path we want no more.

The path to your purpose

Choose peace over chaos. Choose help over suffering in silence. Choose knowledge over ignorance. Choose to let the light in.

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be in life. It’s not an accident. You’ve been thrown the obstacles to climb and volcanos to navigate because there’s something you need to prove to yourself. We aren’t privy to what challenge is in store for us next or how our current obstacle will result. We don’t get the answers beforehand.

Our greatest currency in uncertainty is faith, courage, and an infinite mind. We find our purpose by moving forward. We find our purpose by listening. We find our purpose by welcoming peace. We awaken our purpose by taking action.

  1. What distractions are currently on your path?

  2. What can you do differently to begin de-cluttering your path?


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