It’s time for a little Spring cleaning! This, however, is no ordinary sprucing up. Our goal here is elevated. Luxury and the mood it arouses are screaming our name and we’re eager to answer.

Let’s face it, we like nice things – really nice things – things we most definitely deserve. Yet for one reason or the other, haven’t yet acquired it.

Our home-based lifestyles are dynamic and pose similar challenges as our non-home-based folk. One key difference is that we are responsible for the upkeep of our own workspace. Housekeeping, equipment, the look, the feel, and the temperature to name a few.

So, when do we find the time to assess our needs and take actionable steps in making a change?

We make time.

But the bills keep popping up, the kid needs new sneakers, the rent is due soon, I need a new laptop for my business, and I want to save for a dream vacation… What? How?

Everything else always seems more important than us.

We need progress, expansion, and validation. We want to align what we are, what we feel, and who we’re becoming. And we want these to be reflected in our space and daily routine so we don’t feel stagnant.

It ought not to be overlooked how important it is to express yourself and be able to interact with that expression. So, I say it’s time we MAKE TIME to prioritize what we want. In fact, what we need!

Our needs are comprised of tangibles and intangibles.

Perhaps you’re ready for a change of pace. You want to be less “busy” (quantitative) and relish more in the quality of your work. Or you want to feel invigorated and ready to tackle your day from the start. Whatever it is, we have to be intentional about the actions we need to take.

Undoubtedly, our environment plays a huge role in how we work and our attitude towards that work. How many times have you envisioned your workspace and dreaded having to turn on your computer? Or want to hit the snooze button because you felt drained of energy before you’ve even begun your day?

You’re not alone.

Sometimes the task ahead of us is inside out. But, sometimes it’s outside in.

We’re all magnificent creators and we operate differently. But what we very much have in common is the right to find that which works for our unique situation. And a great way to hone in on that is by altering our environment – however little or a lot. Experiment with what appeals to you.

  • Does injecting color into my space make me feel joyous or ill?

  • Does wearing a blingy headband make me feel regal or ridiculous?

  • Does adorning my hands with fabulous jewelry make me feel more productive behind the keyboard?

  • Does using aromatics or playing Zen music make me sleepy or rather calm and clear-headed? Am I consistently productive in a space that remains the same or do I require a regular change?

These are 3 ways we can inject that pop of extravagance into our home-based spaces and improve our overall mood.

The Shiny Object

Time to redecorate! Get something for your space that screams luxury. A sparkly, metallic, or blingy object that makes your space feel like a million bucks. Whatever it is, make sure that you love it. No need to break the bank. A yard sale, online marketplace, or quick trip to your favorite local outlet could definitely turn up some luxurious gems. Of course, if Swarovski is in your budget, do that. A desk clock, Bonsai tree, chic mirror, painting, fancy chair, or gold-plated scissors. Go crazy. This glitzy revamp will serve as a daily visual reminder of your fabulousness and independence. You are capable and deserving of all that you desire.

Gussy Up

Embellish and adorn yourself. West Side Story’s ‘I Feel Pretty’ most definitely applies here. Activate the feel-good chemicals in your brain by spending time feeling your very best. Try bold lipstick, polish your nails, or dap a couple of drops of your most Haute perfume. Carve out 10 to 30 minutes at the start of your day for you.

Do you find yourself taking fewer breaks while working from home compared to when you were at the office? Sadly, yes. That’s not cool!

That’s why it’s so important that we prioritize ourselves. It’s not selfish in the slightest. It’s our duty to make a conscious effort to guard our mind, our body, and our spirit. It’s never been anyone else’s responsibility. Only thing is that it’s just gotten glaringly obvious now that we’re at home.

Always Keep a Clean Desk Policy

I can’t stress this one enough. Keep. It. Clean.

Now, if you thrive in a cluttered environment, you’re probably a different species altogether; and good on you. But, for most of us, clean is queen. Keep your stationary tools easily accessible, disinfect, dust, and rid your space of any unnecessary distractions. Do away with clutter. Only keep things that serve a purpose. Regular tidying up before you start your workday not only has the ability to boost your mood but helps to instill confidence and significantly reduce stress. Chances are if you operate in a healthy environment, you’re more likely to continue making sound choices throughout your day – albeit short-term.

Time to spurge!

  1. What does luxury mean to you and is it something that you try to access?

  2. What other things could you do to help you go about your day in a more luxurious way?


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♡ Much, much love.


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