There’s nothing like a crisis to reveal hemorrhages and blind spots. Society’s ills, but also its innovation.

It seemed once the beaches, bars, and roads cleared, the questionable, interesting, and plain old wrong injustices of our environment came to light. We took note of events that pried our eyes open. Forcing us to take a hard look at the truth. A truth that went beyond seeing, but feeling. In an instant, an emotional avalanche submerged us in so much thick, leaving us in a state of disorientation.

On the bright side, however, it hasn’t all been stormy seas for the last two years. Through the dark grey skies, there have also been glimmers of light. Opportunities birthed out of tragedy. Where some faltered, others experienced prosperity – crooked or otherwise.

Out of desperation or sheer will, ideas flooded minds, and courage electrified. We found love – within ourselves and others. At some point, it got so still that we could hear and feel in a way we’d long forgotten was innately possible.

We are still in the troughs of this pandemic. But it’s clear to see that there are invaluable lessons to be learned here. Some we already knew but were reinforced. Others perhaps, took us by surprise. Let’s take a look at the 9 teachings 2+ years into the Coronavirus pandemic. There are not ranked in order of importance.

1. Everyone is NOT treated equally

Frankly, we’re far from it and the gap will always remain. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Those with means and those with little to none. Essential workers and everyone else. As much as we huddled together, we also created new and bigger wedges between us.

2. Health is wealth

There are two meanings to this. One, staying in optimal health became a priority. But, in another way, living an optimally healthy lifestyle is something often reserved only for those with money to continually afford said healthy lifestyles. For in many parts of the world, Aruba included, the cost of living is almost unattainable for half or more of the population. Coincidentally, the half that is more at risk of becoming gravely ill from catching the virus.

3. Family matters

What would you give right now to embrace and feel the warm touch of your dearest? The places we went to in our minds, reinforced our need for connection, for love, and a friendly face. Video calling made the impossible possible, but it just isn’t quite the same. We’re craving intimacy on all levels. For some, new four-legged family members filled the void nicely.

4. Nest eggs are necessary

Should have, could have, didn’t? If you had a financial cushion, you probably didn’t get hit as hard when the bottom fell out due to the pandemic. But, let’s face it, so many of us are barely getting by. How unsettling and downright terrifying it must feel to worry yourself sick because you don’t know if you’ll be able to feed your family, let alone, keep the roof over their head. Saving, budgeting, and pinching pennies is the name of the game now.

5. Working from home is normal

Flex or remote working replaced the hustle and bustle of the office. A challenge for some, while others, like me, adjusted perfectly. We homesteaders got the respect on our titles, we’ve long deserved. Sure, we wore less clothing, makeup, and did a lot less coffee corner chit-chat, but we performed. In fact, we probably completed more while at home than when we were forced to commute to the office. To boot, we even took a pay cut. Somehow, that doesn’t seem fair, but hey, hard times…

6. Alone and lonely

With so much time to sit and think, we realized so much about ourselves. Who we are, what we want, and how we function. Time to think we did. The bubble was real and there was no way to escape it. Owning up to our insecurities, dispelling beliefs, and so much reflection of ourselves. An eye-opener.

7. A well of opportunity

Along with the normalization of remote work, other exciting developments have popped up. Locally produced products have been highlighted more than ever. Supermarkets have been generous in providing front-row display opportunities to producers. An emphasis on agriculture has created more green space and an appreciation for cultivating our own food. After thousands found themselves suddenly unemployed, online classes and courses offered many a chance to learn a new skill. And nature was the most serene we’d ever seen it.

8. We want more

More accountability. More honesty. More action. While laying in wait, our ears opened and so did our hearts. The plight of those fighting for justice and peace are being heard so loudly. People have had enough. Going so far as taking to the streets to protest social disparities, the rise in child abuse cases, and empty promises made by politicians. Reform is being shouted from every angle. People are out for blood. A purge of sorts. A complete dismantling of corrupt systems.

9. One life to live

We’re slowing the pace. We’re getting comfortable with peace – the untapped potential to be found in the stillness. It’s never been clearer how fleeting time is. One moment, the ones you love are in your embrace. And the next, you’re saying goodbye to both your parents as they pass over, days apart. All alone in a place where it looks nothing like the earth we know. With time being such a fickle thing, we’ve found appreciation.

Much has been taken and taken for granted, but we’ve also been given so much.

  1. What has been the biggest lesson for you during this pandemic?

  2. Is there something you wish you would have done differently in the last 6 months?

  3. In what way have you seized the opportunities presented during this period?


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